R!OT Gaming is a Australian and New Zeland gaming organisation and to keep everything running smoothly we need a team of dedicated staff members all around the world. These people need to be loyal and be available most of the time, and we look for people from all over ANZ to keep us actively involved in the eSports community and to be able to assist us at almost day to day. 


If you feel you can assist us and help with the running of our social media outlets and running of the team then please email our Owner (Dale) at He can assist you in the start of you application to become a staff member.


Below is our current Staff Members:

  • Phadez

    Michael Phadez

    Michael “Phadez” Phadez, Co-Owner of R!OT Gaming, is an accomplished Owner of eSports organisations and teams. His speciality is recognising high quality and accomplished designer/Editor. He is responsible for maintaining contracts, human resources, ensuring the high quality and consistency of content produced and assists with generating features, recruiting content along with talking with the professional players and companies....Read More