Making up the Management of R!OT, their job is to work and vote on upper-level decision-making and help on all levels of our operations, on a day to day basis for the brand of R!OT Gaming and serves as the main point of contact for our brand for the rest of 2017. With the proper titles and responsibilities, these following individuals cosntitute the Executive Staff board of R!OT.


Below is our current Board of directors:


    Dale Matthews

    Starting his career in 2005, Dale has experience in leading and creating successful a brand while maintaining a professional Leadership and eSports career in Call of Duty. His speciality is recognising the top-tier talent and specialises in finding high-potential players and creators and bringing them together to represent the brand in a professional light both in and out of game. As Owner and Leader, he is responsible for the strategic decision-making for the company, securing business deals and sponsorships, as well as managing daily operations of the organisation....Read More