Update regarding the Valorant roster

Sat 5th Dec 2020 - 5:36am : Annoucement

It is no lie that this year has been a once in a century event, with this comes many difficult times that splits people apart and brings them together.
Although we have not been together face to face it has brought on new opportunities and advancements in technology to connect like never before, one being video games including the drop of Valorant in the height of the pandemic but many promising futures at the time in the title

we're saddened to announce the departure of our Valorant team.

"The end of lockdown and return to normality brings forth many commitments for some of the team. Unfortunately, this results in any meaningful commitment to the team and further competition unsustainable for the majority of our players. This combined with the latest announcements from riot in terms of longevity in the Oceanic scene has led us to this decision which is in best interest of all of our players." - Junior & team

After their close efforts to qualify for First Strike the players have had on their minds prior and since conclusion decided to explore other options within their personal life and some in competing career.

We're extremely proud to have had all these talented players and can't wait to follow their progress post R!OT.
We would like to thank all of these players who have been nothing but dedicated to the cause and are everything an eSports Organisation could have asked for:

We lastly want to thank the community for their support in our entrance into Valorant. The support was incredible and unexpected, and we're hopeful to continue our presence in the Valorant scene one day. Unfortunately with the current/recent roadmap announcement and no clear pathway for OCE/ANZ will make it hard for us to continue with a new roster in the scene at that level with the current state of OCE Valorant.

We're hopeful the circumstances will change sooner than later and We wish the players nothing but success in their future endeavors moving forward.

Regards, DALEROXX, Isombard and the team at R!OT.