Counter Strike: OPERATION R!OT Gaming

Sun 21st Jan 2018 - 8:00am : Annoucement



As we head into 2018, it comes with great pride that we announce our first roster for the year and that being the Ex-SSU Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. With esports growing in Australia and APAC, CSGO has quickly risen to prominence as a contending title with top Australian teams taking the world stage and we look forward to being involved in its continued success.


We are extremely excited to play under the R!OT Gaming name for the upcoming season of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive League and hopefully bring home some great results within the APAC region and in the national scene.

Unknown - R!OT Gaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive Team Manager



The counter strike esports scene has been a force to be reckoned with and has seen some explosive, but steady growth in Oceania and especially ANZ. I couldn't ignore the opportunity left on our doorstep by the team formally of SSU. This team has had amazing results in the past and with the reformed roster is only looking to expand those results and opportunities. I’m super excited for the future with this team, but also to work with the ever growing Counter Strike community and world! 

Dale Matthews - R!OT Gaming owner and CEO


The Official R!OT Gaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive is as follows:



Dale Matthews